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Post  Murph on Sun Jun 17, 2012 7:47 am

youll either need a blowtorch or a gas stove to do this correctly.

1) get some capsicum peppers, the big ones that are very colorful. then burn them until they are blackening on the outside. Wash them after they have got a nice char on the outside and the charred skin will wash off leaving the outside of the pepper looking a bit like the inside of the pepper. Set them to the side for later.

2) get ground beef, 1 onion, ground white pepper, a pinch of salt, and a small bit of your choice of cooking oil. After dicing the onion, cook it in the pan until it starts to carmelize, then add the beef. Season it to your liking with white pepper (doesnt take much) and a pinch of salt. Let this cook, stirring it so the meat cooks evenly.

3) add in tomato sauce. I like the spaghetti sauce that comes with mushrooms in it, but whatever type of tomato sauce you like comes next. I let this stir into the meat so you have a nice thick bolognaise type of sauce. Then I add a bit of feta cheese once the sauce is heated sufficiently. Leave this on very low heat or even take it off the fire at this point depending on the number of peppers you have to prepare.

4) cut the tops out of the peppers and make sure to remove all the seeds. Then stuff the sauce into the peppers and add parmesean cheese, or more feta, which ever you like and eat


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