Urgent please Read Now! Battle #107984

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Urgent please Read Now! Battle #107984 Empty Urgent please Read Now! Battle #107984

Post  Plebus on Thu Apr 19, 2012 7:58 am

Do Not pilot this fight - just leave it alone

[23:42] <WHITWORTH> timers
[23:42] <[csr]_Harper> timers stop?
[23:43] <{CapCon}Hellspwan> broke
[23:44] <{CapCon}TaranSF> Froze yes
[23:45] <WHITWORTH> can anyone fix it?
[23:50] <[csr]_Harper> you guys want to wait around or agree to wait and have it reset?
[23:51] <{CapCon}Bob_CK> get it reset
[23:51] <[csr]_Harper> thats what i would think
[23:51] <{CapCon}Bob_CK> it coulod come back in 5 minutes
[23:51] <{CapCon}Bob_CK> or 15 hours
[23:51] <[csr]_Harper> could if admins are on
[23:51] <[csr]_Harper> and i got things to do
[23:51] <[csr]_Harper> like sleep
[23:51] <{CapCon}Bob_CK> but you can be sure it will come back when one of us have gone off to do something
[23:52] <[csr]_Harper> my point eactly
[23:52] <[csr]_Harper> which is why im asking here in main for a reset with you guys
[23:53] <{CapCon}Bob_CK> I believe I agreed
[23:53] <[csr]_Harper> good then i agree as well
[23:53] <[csr]_Harper> i will post urgent msg on house not to pilot it if it comes back up
[23:55] <{CapCon}Bob_CK> DOne the same
[23:56] *** WHITWORTH has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[23:56] <{CapCon}Bob_CK> OK even if it comes up in a couple of minutes it is to be ignored and people can safely head off now to go to sleep/shower/shop/cuddle wife etc
[23:56] <[csr]_Harper> aff my post is going up now

This is from April 18, 2012


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