maintance costs multiper

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maintance costs multiper

Post  Ozzamar on Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:10 am

Ever woundered what the game uses to determing the maintance cost of mechs and veh's?

well i have cracked the numbers and here they are:

***NOTE: These are for new mechs trained and WILL NOT tell u the maintance cost of old mechs because DMM is the changeing number in the formula, once P/G is set, and that changes based on a mechs place in the order of currently trained up mechs. Also there maybe a difference of +/- 3 or so in the maintance number gotten. I think this is due to DMM not being a even 2 digit decimal place number.***

Mech Formula:

DMM * P/G BV * Multipler

* DMM: That mechs currect DMM number

* P/G BV: the BV of mech at set P/G

* Multipler: Number from below based on the P/G

****NOTE: P/G for BV and multipler MUST be the same.


5/4: 12.15
4/4: 13.162
5/3: 14.85
4/3: 12.8624
4/2: 21.2625
3/2: 25.9401

Veh Formula

P/G BV * Multiper * 2

*The multiper and P/G requirement is the same as with mechs but because Veh dont have DMM a times 2 is added.*
****UPDATE: There is a MIN veh maintance cost of 10,000 that will not be reflected in the formula.****

Inf Formula

P/G BV * Multiper * 2

*The multiper and P/G requirement is the same as with mechs but because Inf dont have DMM a times 2 is added. Also INf have a min-maintance cost of 10,000.*

I am 95% sure this is correct just need some IS empire to check the numbers for me pls. Seeing as i am clan and dont see the same numbers as an IS empire.

{CSA} Ozzamar

***UPDATE: Tks {CapCon}Gammonds for helping conferm 100% now. Also added some more P/G that were asked for.

****NOTE: These formulas also work for cross tech. That is because DMM is doubled for cross tech maintance and the cross tech person when they look up the current DMM will see the aready doubled DMM so no change is need to the formulas. I dont currently know how it will change cross tech Veh maintance costs will post if I find out.****

--If more multipers for unlisted P/G are wanted ask takes me about 2 min to find them.--


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Re: maintance costs multiper

Post  Arthur Davion on Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:27 am


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